Our Story, Beliefs & Values


Our Story

In early 2013, a small group of people gathered and dreamed of planting a church that would join God in the renewal of all things, beginning with their neighborhood in Washington, DC. With the help of twelve people committed to seeing this dream becoming a reality, The Table Church began on March 17, 2013. 

From the beginning, The Table Church has tried to be an open and honest community. We think the world is tired of religious people who claim to believe a list of ideas when those very ideas don’t translate into any kind of personal transformation. Our hope is for people to take a step towards Jesus and become authentic and thoughtful followers of Jesus.

We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to use their gifts!

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Our Values

We have conversations not policies. It’s about: People

We develop people. It’s about: Helping People Becoming who God Intended Them to Become

We keep an open seat.  It’s about: Creating Space for Others

We will lead the way with irrational generosity. It’s about: Giving Extravagantly 

We partner with friends to help the city become all God intended it to be. It’s About: Justice Through Partnership  

We are contributors, not consumers. It’s about: Others

We dream big and start small. It’s about: Active Faith

We will laugh hard, loud, and often. It’s about: Having Fun

We can do more by doing less. It’s about: Focused Excellence

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Our Beliefs

We are created as relational beings designed for an other. We are made from love for love. 

Jesus reveals God to us. When we want to know what God looks like, we look at Jesus. In him, we discover a God who is merciful, kind, other-seeking, and -- most profoundly -- loving.
Jesus provides the story through which we make sense of our lives. In him, we discover our purpose, significance, and ultimate vision of the good life.
On the cross, the powers of death, loneliness, greed, and self-interest had their final say and have been defeated. Through the resurrection, God’s beautiful world of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and justice breaks into our world of brokenness.
Becoming a follower of Jesus is not a contract we sign or believing all the right things. Instead, it is a leap of faith that leads to obedience.
As followers of Jesus, we are called into a new community which puts God on display to the world. Our life together through the power of the Spirit leads to the renewal and healing of our lives, our neighborhood, and our world.
In our life together, each of us is called to share our gifts in service to God and the world. And we stumble forward in spite of our doubt. Faith is not the absence of doubt; it is, instead, the willingness to stake our claim on the story of Jesus and God’s beautiful hope for all creation – in spite of our doubt.

As a community, we pray without ceasing, because we believe prayer changes things -- both in our world and in our lives. Prayer shapes and changes our desires and who we are becoming. It causes us to long for God's kingdom and not our own. 

We are never afraid to face the Bible and difficult questions with a critical eye. We are not simply people of the book. We are a people of an event – Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.
To follow this path of Jesus is countercultural. It is a radical movement of limitless forgiveness, extreme hospitality, peacemaking, abundant generosity, and sacrificial love.
God doesn’t cause suffering; He redeems it. And He calls us to join in the work of renewing, reconciling, redeeming all things. 
As a community of Jesus followers, we follow a Jesus who shared an open table with all who sought him. That’s why we welcome everyone to share their gifts.
Through the Spirit’s guidance, the future is open and full of possibilities. We must embrace the awesome role we are invited to play in it.

Leadership Team

Kevin & Charla Lum Lead Pastors

Kevin & Charla Lum
Lead Pastors

Angela Kissel Parish Pastor Downtown

Angela Kissel
Parish Pastor Downtown

Pastor Rai Church Planter in Residence

Pastor Rai
Church Planter in Residence

Richard Kelley Parish Pastor Columbia Heights

Richard Kelley
Parish Pastor Columbia Heights

Jessica Breslin Chief of Staff

Jessica Breslin
Chief of Staff

Ashley Close Director of Engagement

Ashley Close
Director of Engagement

Chantelle Renn Director of Music & Production

Chantelle Renn
Director of Music & Production

Joshua McComas Director of Community Groups

Joshua McComas
Director of Community Groups