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Support your community this advent season!

Over the next four weeks, The Table will observe the season of Advent, a time of waiting and preparation for the coming of our Lord.

During this season of waiting and preparation, our world seems particularly uncertain – especially for the most vulnerable. We have no idea what the future holds. And so as the people of God, we pray for God’s peace and God’s love and God’s joy to break into our present situation.

But, we don’t simply wait, rather we live into the calling God has placed on us. As a church, part of the calling God has placed on us is seeking the renewal and the wellbeing of Washington, DC. We are called to care for our neighbors, especially for the most vulnerable residents of this city.

So, this Advent, we’ve set an audacious goal. We want to raise 10,000 dollars to invest in two organizations, Little Lights and CARECEN, both organizations that are working to protect and care for our most vulnerable residents in our city.

  1. Little Lights is a non-profit organization that has empowered under-served youth and families in Washington, D.C. through practical assistance and holistic ministry for over twenty years.

  2. CARECEN is a non-profit that provides direct legal services, citizenship education, and economic development to the Latino population in DC.

We intentionally chose two organizations that have space for us to invest our time and our money into the work they’re doing.

In addition to raising money for CARECEN and Little Lights we are working with a local elementary school to help parents provide for their children this winter season.

We believe that where we invest our treasure is where our heart is. And as a church, especially in a time of fear and uncertainty, we want to be reminded that our hearts are with our most vulnerable neighbors.