Life was never meant to be lived alone. We really are better together. So, at The Table, we love the idea of gathering around a table, telling good stories and eating good food.  Here are just a few ways we gather. 

Community Groups

Community Groups are small, inviting communities where friendships have room to grow and develop. The groups have their own unique flavor, but each is intended to challenge and encourage as we journey with Christ and each other. 


Newcomers Brunch

The best way to learn about The Table is through a newcomers brunch. Each month, a family in our church hosts a brunch for people who are new to The Table. Newcomers brunches are a great way to learn about our community and make a new friend. A few people have even met their future spouse!


Dinner Parties

Every few months, members of The Table open their home and welcome in guests from the church. It’s a blast and consistently the most popular activity at The Table.


After Parties / Potlucks

A least once a  quarter, a member of The Table opens their house/apartment for a party after church or sometimes we have a giant potluck after service.