Dear Table Church,

When Charla and I started The Table, we had no idea what our church would become, but we knew our community would be shaped by the people God sent us. This community has been a complete blessing to us, and more importantly, to the neighborhoods we exist in. And just as we dreamed of the future five years ago around our dining room table, I invite you to dream of what’s possible in 2018. We’ve made it this far because of your generosity, and I know even greater things will come because of your investment in the future.

In 2018, because of you, lonely people will find a friend. Those who are hurting will find healing. People without a roof over their head will be served a hot meal. Churches will be planted. And people who don’t know God will experience freedom.

Our budget is stretching us this year, but leadership feels it helps us take a step closer to becoming the community God has called us to be. Below you can learn about our plans for 2018 and see our budget for this next year. If you’re not currently giving, I’d invite you to begin investing in the church you call home. And if you’re currently partnering with us in ministry, I’d encourage you to join Charla and I by increasing your monthly giving. Ask God what He would have you give, and give in faithfulness.

In gratitude,
Pastor Kevin



Above is the breakdown of our budget for the 2018 calendar year. The notable changes from last year's budget is the increase in Personnel and Beyond our Walls.

We're excited to announce that beginning in January, a part-time Worship Pastor will join our staff at The Table. As we seek to be a church that is welcoming to all and representative of the communities we exist in, we want to devote more time, energy, and resources to our music program. We're excited for this addition to our leadership team!

Learn about Beyond Our Walls below.


We're excited to share with you an ambitious goal we've set for our community. Throughout the 2018 calendar year, we want $100,000 to support opportunities beyond our walls where we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The Beyond Our Walls fund will support various opportunities including:

  • Local justice and outreach: This includes the healthy food markets we support/operate around DC, our soup kitchen partnership with Loaves and Fishes, and our work with the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). 
  • Micro Grants: We encourage our community groups to team up to do something impactful for their city. Whether this is throwing a block party for a neighborhood, sponsoring a coat drive in the winter months, or creating care packages for unhoused men and women in our city, the church wants to match the funds CGs raise to make their dreams for others a reality.
  • Church Planting: We believe that there is no better investment than the local church. Just as other churches came alongside our community when we first launched The Table, we too want to support other pastors who have a heart to plant. We also hope to begin saving for a third Table Church location in our city.
  • Advent: Each year we collect a special offering during the season of Advent that provides for a specific need in our city and around the world. To learn more about our 2017 Advent Campaign, click here.
  • New Partnerships: We know that God has things in store for our community that we have yet to imagine. We've added a line item for New Partnerships because we want to be prepared for the God-given opportunities that may come our way in 2018. 

We pray you'll partner with the church and invest in the incredible plans we've listed above. Click the button below to set up your giving. Choose "regularly" under Occurrence to partner with us throughout 2018.


Our finances are an open book! If you have questions about what you see above, or if you'd like to see a more detailed budget, email More information regarding The Table's finances are available at