Dear Table Church --

The Advent season of the church calendar provides us an opportunity every year to lean deeper into what it means to wait. For centuries the followers of God waited for the One who would redeem and restore.

All of us can identify with waiting. It seems we spend much of our life waiting. We wait for winter to give way to spring. We wait for a promotion. We wait for a raise. We wait for the “one.” We wait for a big trip. But we also wait and long for a world where everything has been made right. We wait for God to act and to see peace and justice dwell in our world. During this Advent season, we’re going to focus on waiting and how we can wait well. I hope you’ll walk with us during this journey towards Christmas.

Our theme song for this series is "While I'm Waiting" by Travis Greene. You can listen to that and our favorite Christmas carols by clicking the button below.

Pastor Kevin


Advent is a special time of year where we wait for the coming of Jesus, the promised savior who would bring ultimate renewal to our world. During this time of expectation, we too seek to bring renewal to our world and live more generously then ever.

This advent season we will give to two organizations doing incredible work in our city and world:

Thrive DC is a local organization that works to prevent and end homelessness in Washington, DC by providing vulnerable people with a wide range of services to help stabilize their lives. Founded in 1979 to serve dinner to homeless women, Thrive DC has grown to be a comprehensive, professionally staffed, bilingual organization serving more than 2,000 men, women, and children each year.

World Relief has a variety of initiatives that focus on disaster response, health and child development, refugee and immigration services, economic development and peacebuilding. They work holistically with the local church to stand for the sick, the widowed, the orphaned, the alienated, the displaced, the devastated, the marginalized and the disenfranchised. We're partnering with them to provide safe homes and winterization materials for refugee families.



We hope you'll join us for the four Sundays of Advent. December 3rd, 10th, and 17th will happen at standard time and location.

Columbia Heights Parish @ 10:30 a.m.
 1459 Columbia Rd NW;  three blocks from Columbia Heights Metro

Downtown Parish @ 5:00 p.m.
945 G Street NW; one block from Metro Center


December 3: What are we waiting for?

When we are waiting we are actually placing hope in what we are waiting for to bring us something. This week we'll look at what we are waiting for and see if those things are worthy of hope. And if not, we'll evaluate how can we re-orient ourselves to wait for what we truly long for instead of those things that will lead to disappointment, discouragement and sometimes despair.

December 10: Why is it so difficult to wait?

What shapes our belief that waiting is a negative concept? This week we'll evaluate what beliefs and emotions are given space when we are forced to wait and we'll learn how to examine this process in a healthy way.

December 17: How do we wait well?

Although we can look back many times and see how the outcomes and the next chapters of the journey were worth the wait, that does not mean the we built up any waiting muscles during that process. This week we'll discuss how we build good waiting practices that make us stronger in the process itself and we'll learn the importance of waiting with patience and hope.

December 24: A Light Has Come
All-Church Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a service of warmth and welcome with carols, candlelight and contemplation. 

Special time and location: 
Downtown Parish @ 8:00 p.m.
945 G Street NW; one block from Metro Center