Thank you for your interest in leading a Dinner Party at The Table Church!
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What exactly is a Dinner Party?

Dinner Parties are how The Table does small groups. These spaces provide an opportunity to talk about life, pray together, and spend time discussing questions that foster spiritual growth around a meal. At their core, dinner parties have a spirit of invitation. These spaces are designed to be welcoming and inviting, not only to new people in our church, but they're also a space where people can invite their friends and neighbors.

Dinner Party groups have similar conversation prompts week to week so that we can move together in the same direction as a church. The unified conversation allows people to choose a dinner party in their neighborhood and not based upon the topic of conversation. This also allows groups to build localized community and shared expectations so newcomers have a better idea of what they’re walking into.

I'd like to lead a Dinner Party! What's required of me?

We trust our leaders to carry the vision of The Table and set an example for others in our community. The questions below help us learn a little more about you and your commitment to The Table's vision, ministry, and plans for those in our community. We expect all Dinner Party leaders to

  • Live a life of discipleship

  • Attend church regularly

  • Give sacrificially of their finances

  • Attend a training with our Director of Community Ministry

  • For more detailed information, you can read the Dinner Party Training Guide (.pdf for electronic OR .doc for print)

Upon receiving your application, we'll email you once you are approved. Please note, all new leaders must complete an application. If you haven't attended a training with Josh McComas, our next trainings will be on December 4 and December 8.

If you have any questions, email Josh McComas.


Dinner Party Leader Application

About You
Name *
Phone *
Your Involvement at The Table
What parish do you attend? *
How often do you attend The Table on Sundays? *
I have completed the following Next Steps classes *
Do you support The Table's ministry through regular tithes and offerings? *
How long have you been attending the Table? *
Have you attended a small group leader training? *
Plans for Your Group
Due to All-In Team Nights and other church-wide events, Dinner Parties do not meet on Wednesdays.
Will you or another leader host the group? *
Are you able to recruit 2-3 people to launch your Dinner Party with? *
We want all groups to be sustainable from their first week of meeting! This means having two to three people who can help cook, add to the conversation, and make others feel welcome is ideal!

We'll see you at the Dinner Party Leader Training!

If you have any questions, email Josh McComas.