Thank you for your interest in leading a Community Group at The Table Church! 

We trust our leaders to carry the vision of The Table and set an example for others in our community. The questions below help us learn a little more about you and your commitment to The Table's vision, ministry, and plans for those in our community. We also ask general questions that help us learn about your future CG! We expect all Community Group leaders to 

  • Live a life of discipleship
  • Attend church regularly
  • Give sacrificially of their finances
  • Have been in a CG for at least one season prior to leading

Upon receiving your application, we'll email you once you are approved. Please note, all new group leaders must complete an application (both co-leaders must apply). All leaders must attend a CG Leader Training as well. Our next two trainings are on April 29th. 

  • CoHi Parish @ 12:30 p.m. // 1459 Columbia Road NW
  • Downtown Parish @ 3:00 p.m. // 945 G Street NW

If you have any questions, email our Community Group Director, Josh McComas.


Community Group Leader Application

About You
Name *
Phone *
Note that both leaders need to submit an application.
Have you attended a CG Leader Training? *
Your Involvement at The Table
What parish do you attend? *
How often do you attend The Table on Sundays? *
Have you been a member of a Community Group at The Table? *
I have completed the following Next Steps classes *
Do you support The Table's ministry through regular tithes and offerings? *
How long have you been attending the Table? *
Plans for Your Group
What metro line(s) are you closest to? *
What kind of group are you planning to host? *
What book are you reading? What resources are you using? What activity or hobby will your group be about?
Can you recruit 2-3 people to help kick-off your group? *

We'll see you at the CG Leader Training on the 21st!

Sunday, January 21 at 2 p.m. 
Downtown Parish: 945 G Street NW, Washington, DC..