LM: November 2018

Happy Friday, leaders! Welcome to the NOVEMBER edition of the Table Leadership Monthly newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to improve communication among leadership and make sure you are all informed about what's going on at The Table.

Please take a few minutes to read through what's below and share any pertinent updates with your teams if it applies to them.

Remember that if you have updates for church, events that are taking place, anything from your team that you want to share with others, etc., you can post it at: www.facebook.com/groups/tablechurchdc.


  • Pastor Kevin is on a mini sabbatical before the holidays and new year hit! We have a great line up guest speakers over the next couple weeks. Learn more here.

  • Heat has been restored at the CoHi Parish. Thank you for your patience with that one. You can wear your normal layers to church this Sunday. :)

  • Our Blank Slate series is available online. This is an excellent series to share with family or friends who are starting to explore faith. Have you heard our podcast is now on Spotify too? (Here's The Table's hymnal on Spotify as well)

  • Thanksgiving weekend we will have our normal service times (CoHi: 9:45 + 11:15, Downtown: 5:00) and hear from Pastor Richard.

  • Advent is around the corner and we are SO excited. Our advent plans and service times will be announced to the church soon but for reference, we will have two Table Family Christmas Celebration Services on Sunday, December 16. We'll have one large 10:30 a.m. service in Columbia Heights and our usual service at our Downtown location at 5 p.m. We will not have service on Sunday, December 23 at either location. We will have service on Christmas Eve at our Downtown Parish on Monday, December 24. We will not have service on Sunday, December 30 at either location.

  • Our Advent Legacy Offering will be announced next week! Stay tuned and encourage your teams to be in prayer about how they can give beyond our walls this Christmas season.

  • Our Christmas Choir will be back this year (commonly referred to as The Table Church Choral Society) and will be gracing our presence at the 10:30a and 5:00p services on December 16. There will be four rehearsals between now and December 16 (2 at each location) and all who are interested should contact Laura Kallen: lauraekallen@gmail.com 

  • Next Steps Track will continue to be offered after the 9:45a service and after the 5p services this month. We will not hold classes during the month of December.


  • Our Worship Pastor, Jeremy Green, will unfortunately be leaving us at the end of the year. Jeremy and Laura (and Evvie) have bought a home in Atlanta to be near family. Jeremy has been instrumental to our worship program and we are so grateful for all the gifts he has shared with our community this year. He will be missed greatly!

  • We are excited to announce that Jordan Jackson has agreed to join our team of ministry directors, and part-time staff, as our new Music Director. Jordan currently runs many of our rehearsals, coordinates our bands, and plays drums at both locations. We're excited for him to join our team and bring that same energy and passion to our leadership. He will overlap with Jeremy for the next month and a half and then be leading the music program in its entirety!

  • We continue to pray for sound coaches for both locations as well as a media coach for Columbia Heights. We also seek to find a Director of Production to join our team of ministry directors in a volunteer capacity and lead these coaches in their ministries. Please join us in praying for this!

  • Director of Family Ministries, Bethany Bolte, and her husband Jordan brought a new little one into the world last month. Take the family a meal and meet baby Avery by signing up here.

  • Dustin Musser has joined our Board of Trustees. We're grateful for the wisdom he'll bring to our team as we strive to be good stewards and have clear vision as an organization. 

  • For reference, our Experience Team at both locations will now fall under the First Impressions Department (along with Greeting and Hospitality) and be supervised by Nicola Davis, our Dir. of First Impressions.


prayers of praise (P) + requests (R) for the church

  • P: For expanded leadership! Praise God for the gifts and skills he continues to bless our church with. 

  • P: For the many new guests who have joined our community this fall season.

  • P: For an incredible Practice-style worship gathering with Aaron Niequist and the many guests that joined us for the evening.

  • P: For the guests who have turned into members and have begun actively serving in ministry.

  • P: For the new dinner party leaders who have joined our team in the past month.

  • P: For Josh McComas and all the energy he has poured into our Dinner Party Ministry over the past month and a half.

  • R: For continued direction and wisdom for leadership and provision for our ministry

  • R: For Pastor Kevin and Charla as they take off the month of November in preparation for the holidays and new year.

  • R: For newcomers this fall to be fully engaged, find community, and serve according to their gifts.

  • R: For new ministry team coaches. Hospitality (Downtown), Media (CoHi), Sound (both parishes).

  • R: For all-church Ministry Directors to fill the Next Steps, Care Team, and Production director roles

  • R: For our buildings, that we would have safe spaces to worship in and fruitful ministry among them.

  • R: For our justice + compassion ministries, that they'd remain fruitful and we'd have open doors to love our city well.

  • R: For unhoused friends and neighbors, especially as the weather begins to get cold.

  • R: Begin praying for 2019 and that God would provide vision, open doors, and provision as we continue this ministry into the future.