LM: December 2018

Hey Leaders!

I hope this note finds you well. Welcome to the DECEMBER edition of the Table Leadership Monthly newsletter. If you're new to leadership at The Table, welcome! This newsletter has a lot of important information including special service times as we end the year and information about our upcoming move. Please read!



CoHi Parish is Moving!

On Sunday, Pastor Kevin announced our Columbia Heights Parish is moving to the GALA Theater in the new year. GALA is located at 14th and Park Rd NW (3333 14th St NW). We had been praying for a space in Columbia Heights that would allow us to do ministry safely as the current building needs many repairs. The GALA Theater became available but our hope was that our current building owners would give us a long-term lease and we could invest money into the building we currently inhabit. Instead, the building owners have decided to redevelop the property, turn it into affordable housing, with a worship space built in! They want to begin in 6 months and have asked us to find other space. GALA was available and the decision to move was made for us! Services in the GALA will begin on January 13, 2019 with one service time at 10:15 a.m. Nothing is changing about the Downtown Parish.

This will go out in the all-church email this week. Please begin discussing it with your teams/dinner parties and make sure they are aware of the special service times below for December 2018 and January 2019. This FAQ + Talking Points document will be useful as you communicate these changes. We also discuss the food pantry there.


  • Sunday, December 9: Service times and location as normal
    CoHi: 9:45a + 11:15a / Downtown: 5p

  • Sunday, December 16: Christmas Celebration Service
    CoHi: 10:30a / Downtown: 5p

  • Sunday, December 23: NO SERVICES

  • Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve Service Downtown
    Downtown: 8p at 945 G Street NW

  • Sunday, December 30: NO SERVICES
    Enjoy this week with your family and friends!


  • Sunday, January 6, 2019: Sunday services resume with new times
    CoHi: 10:15a at current building (1459 Columbia Rd NW)
    Downtown: 5p 

  • Sunday, January 13, 2019: CoHi moves to new location
    CoHi: 10:15a at GALA Theater, 3333 14th St NW (Park Rd and 14th St NW)
    Downtown: 5p


  • Pastor Kevin is back from his mini sabbatical! Wooo! We're grateful for the guest speakers that joined us in November.

  • Our Advent Legacy Offering is supporting Miriam's Kitchen. Learn more about this opportunity and how you can get involved here. All funds raised for Miriam's Kitchen now through year-end will be matched up to $10,000. Prayerfully considering partnering with us in supporting this incredible organization. You can give directly here.

  • Our Christmas Choir is back this year and performing at the 10:30a and 5:00p services on December 16. All who are interested should contact Laura Kallen: lauraekallen@gmail.com 

  • 21 Days of Prayer will happen in January 2019. Keep your Saturday mornings free for our prayer gatherings and stay tuned for more info!

  • We're taking a break from Next Steps in December due to the adjusted service times and extra busy-ness of the season. We'll resume in January. 

P= praise and R= prayer requests

  • P: For a new building! Praise God for the GALA theater and providing us a space to meet in beginning January 13.

  • P: For the joy of the advent season.

  • P: For the many guests who have visited this fall 

  • P: For guests joining us for the holidays / advent season.

  • P: For our Dinner Parties and the welcoming space they've provided to members of our community

  • R: For Rev. Helen Flemming, a beloved friend of the Table, mentor of Pastor Kevin, and Overseer of The Table Church. She's in her last stages of life due to colon cancer. She's at peace and in hospice (and reported from Kevin, she's having a fun time planning her own funeral). Pray for continued peace and for all who call her pastor, friend, and family during this difficult time.

  • R: For continued direction and wisdom for leadership and provision for our ministry as we move to a new space.

  • R: For open doors and provision for the food pantry.

  • R: For Pastor Kevin as he prepares to teach in the new year - for vision, discernment, and wisdom as he prepares his messages

  • R: For new ministry team coaches. Hospitality (Downtown), Media (CoHi), Sound (Downtown).

  • R: For all-church Ministry Directors to fill the Next Steps, Care Team, and Production director roles

  • R: For our justice + compassion ministries, that they'd remain fruitful and we'd have open doors to love our city well.

  • R: For unhoused friends and neighbors, especially during this cold weather season.

  • R: Begin praying for 2019 and that God would provide vision, open doors, and provision as we continue this ministry into the future.