LM: March 2019

Happy Friday, leaders! 

Welcome to the March edition of The Table's Leadership Monthly Newsletter. We send this out the first week of the month to keep all leadersalert to what's happening at The Table. Old updates are stored here.

It's hard to believe spring is almost here (especially as I write this while enduring 32 degree temps + watching snow fall outside). With this new season approaching, we enter into the season of Lent. This is a time for personal reflection, lamentation, and confession of our brokenness, as well as an expression of hope in the coming death and resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. I'm praying this is a transformative season for you as leaders.

Please take a moment to review the news + announcements below. I especially want to direct your attention to Leadership Updates towards the bottom as we've welcomed many people to our team over the past month. PTL!!



Food Pantry - NEW Location: With our move to the GALA Theater, we also needed to find a new location for our food pantry. God opened up doors for us to host our food pantry at St. Stephen's and the Incarnation near 16th and Newton St. NW. Our first pantry was last Saturday, and our next will be on the 17th! Many thanks to Alyssa Currier, Sean Large, Arunjana Das, and Melanie Dair for making this happen. If you'd like to serve with the food pantry team, email Alyssa: lyssccurrier@gmail.com 

GALA Theater: We are almost one month in to our time at the GALA Theater. We're grateful for everyone who has made this move possible and ushered us into the new space. We're especially grateful to Jordan Jackson (Dir. of Music) and Tim Cody (Experience Team Coach) for their commitment and 7 a.m. arrival times on Sunday. Please encourage your connections to consider serving on a team at the GALA Theater, especially the Experience Team! It takes at least six people a Sunday to set up our space at GALA so we'd love for folks to consider serving on this team. 

Easter 2019: We are tentatively planning to hold two Easter services at the GALA Theater on Sunday, April 21. We are also hoping to do baptisms during these services. We are working out the logistics this week and will update you soon regarding the possibility.

Dinner Parties in Southeast/Southwest: If you know of anyone who may want to host or lead a Dinner Party in the southern part of the city, send them over to joshua@thetabledc.org.


  • Amy Thomas is our new Hospitality Coach at the CoHi Parish!

  • Jenna Gowell is our new Prayer Coach at the CoHi Parish!

  • Jenna Gowell is also our new Director of Next Steps and is joining the all-church team of ministry directors. You can reach her at jenna@thetabledc.org.

  • David Schuster is our new Director of Care and is joining the all-church team of ministry directors. You can reach him at david@thetabledc.org.


  • The Director of Production oversees the sound and media coaches at both locations.

  • The Next Steps Administrator emails participants following the weekly class to invite them to the next step, and connect them to the appropriate people in the community (dinner party leader, ministry teams, etc.).

  • The Media Coach (both parishes are open) schedules the team doing slides each Sunday at CoHi Parish and trains new team members.

  • The Communion Coach (Downtown Parish) schedules four communion servers each week and ensures elements arrive to church on Sunday.


  • For a wonderful first month at the GALA Theater and the many leaders who are making our Sundays in that space possible.

  • For Tim Cody, Jordan Jackson, and everyone else who has arrived bright and early to make GALA feasible!

  • For open doors at St Stephens and a new home for our Food Pantry.

  • For our spring Dinner Party leaders who are creating spaces for people to grow in community.

  • For sending new leaders to fill the four leadership positions we were praying about.

  • For continued direction and wisdom for leadership and provision for our ministry.

  • For Easter 2019 -- that it would be an incredible time of celebration and welcome for people new to the city, neighborhood, or church.

  • For all new Dinner Parties, that they'd bear fruit, and grow in their faith and number!

  • For new ministry team coaches for Media (CoHi and Downtown) and Communion (Downtown).

  • For Dir. of Production role to be filled

  • For our justice + compassion ministries, that they'd remain fruitful and we'd have new opportunities to love our city well.

  • For unhoused friends and neighbors, especially during this cold weather season.