At The Table, part of our mission is to join to God in the renewal of all things. That starts in the neighborhoods we live and the city we call home. 



We want our neighborhoods to thrive and to serve others through practical acts of generosity. As part of this mission, our church participates in an international SERVE Day every summer. We join hundreds of churches all across the world in serving their communities for the glory of God. Groups have cleaned up their neighborhoods, created care packages for unhoused neighbors, thrown parties for neighborhood youth, hosted bingo nights at assisted living centers, and so much more!

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At The Table, we partner with friends to help the city become all God intended it to be. We practice justice through partnerships. Whether that is serving at local organizations like Miriam’s Kitchen, Christ House and Little Lights or supporting organizations that focus on welcoming the stranger, like CARECEN.  Our city is filled with endless opportunities to connect with our community. We look forward to building new relationships and loving our neighbors as Christ would. 



In 2016 we began working with Washington Interfaith Network, a non-partisan partnership of faith organizations that stands up for the rights of our most vulnerable communities to create lasting change on issues such as immigration, jobs, affordable housing and homelessness. Together we participate in citywide WIN meetings and actions that educate decision-makers and hold them accountable as they address pressing issues in our city.