Planning Center Services is an is an online scheduling and worship planning application to keep staff and volunteers connected. It’s used by churches around the world as they strive to thrive in ministry and use church resources effectively and efficiently. 

Here’s a link to the Planning Center guide and video tutorial. Below are direct links to learn how to schedule individuals, groups, and multiple weeks at a time. Additionally, the last section shows you how to make a sign-up sheet for your team!

Schedule One Week at a Time from a Plan

  • Scheduling A Person - Learn how to schedule people one at a time.

  • Scheduling Groups or Teams - Learn how to schedule an entire group at one time. You can schedule the whole group to one position, like the worship band, or you can schedule each person to different Positions.

  • Setting Up or Editing Needed Positions - Needed Positions allow you to schedule even before you know who you want to schedule. Tell Planning Center how many people you will need for each position, and when you are ready, it will give you a list of people to choose from.

Schedule Many Weeks at a Time using the Matrix

  • Using The Matrix To Schedule - The Matrix shows you many plans side by side. Learn how to use the Matrix to schedule weeks or months at a time.

  • Auto-scheduling in the Matrix - If you have setup your needed positions, you can have Planning Center Services automatically complete your schedule, avoiding any conflicts or block-out dates.

Allow Users to Schedule Themselves using Signup Sheets

  • Signup Sheets - Enable Signup Sheets for Teams within your plans, and people can signup for any of their needed positions.

Engaging someone new at The Table? Click here to learn how to add people to the system and assign them to positions.

Questions about Planning Center? Email Jessica.