The Lenten season is sometimes known for giving something up in order to make more space for God; but it is also known for pursuing something on behalf of God, and that is what we hope to do as a community over the next 40 days.

Each week of Lent we will introduce you to a specific spiritual practice. On this page you'll find a video with instruction, details on the specific spiritual practice, as well as questions for reflection. Of course,  you don't have to complete every activity or answer every questions, these are simply paths to make space for God to interact with you. We encourage you to try each exercise once. And spend some time reflecting on the questions made available to you.


Week 5:
Sacred Preparation

One of the biggest struggles in mindful and contemplative practices is being present. We are so accustomed to living in the past or living for the future, that the present is often a third-place contender for our attention. It may be hardest for us to be most present during practices about the future, such as preparing for the day. Continue to this week's spiritual practice.


Week 4:
Sacred Steps


So much of our conception of contemplative practices is as sedentary practices. We often forget that contemplative mobile practices like contemplative walking are not simply another way to listen to God but a new dimension of listening. Continue to this week's spiritual practice.


Week 3:


So much of our conversation is dominated by thinking about our reply, defending our positions, and projecting our agenda. In this practice, we move toward listening to others in a way that helps us sense the presence of God. Continue to this week's spiritual practice.


Week 2:
Sacred Seeing


Seeing can be a sacred act. Without the seeming divide between the sacred and secular, all of our daily practices can be opened up to God -- sleeping, studying, reading, working, conversing, cleaning, eating, even being in a public space. Continue to this week's spiritual practice.


Week 1:


Eating can be a sacred act. This week, try to approach eating with the same mindfulness you have when eating and drinking at The Lord's table during communion. Continue to this week's spiritual practice.