Dear Table Church,

As we were looking over all we’ve accomplished during this first quarter of 2018, we decided to put together a little video that shares with you some highlights from the past three months, and also sets some goals we have as we step into the future. You can watch the video below. 


What you won't see in the video above is three minutes of us talking about the strides we've made through our food ministry. You can expect another video in the near future highlighting the wins of our justice + compassion team!

We're incredibly grateful for your generosity and pray God's provision through you as we head into the rest of 2019 together. May God bless you as you bless others. To learn more about ways you can partner with us financially, click here.

Jessica Breslin
Executive Pastor



Tithes + Offerings: $77,823.16
Beyond Our Walls: $5,532.20
Miscellaneous: $3,826.28

Total: $87,181.64



Building Expenses: $25,422.95
Operations: $7,929.75
Beyond Our Walls: $5,293.88
Ministry + Programming: $10,742.41
Leadership Development: $2,430.58
Personnel: $45,699.77
Communications: $4,911.26

Total: $102,430.60