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As a kid, one of my favorite stories in the Bible was about Jesus feeding over 5,000 people — with the lunch of one child! Now that’s a miracle. I still love this story, because it clearly illustrates the beauty of God’s economy. We offer what God has entrusted us to steward as a gift and then God multiplies it.

Each quarter, the leadership of The Table provides a quarterly report to give a glimpse of our congregation's faithfulness. These numbers only show a sliver of the impact that was made through our community. Because, it’s impossible to quantify the impact of a kind word spoken to a hungry child or the impact made by a follower of Jesus who steps into the waters of baptism.

Through the report below, I hope you’ll get a glimpse of what your faithfulness to God made possible.

Pastor Kevin

Baptism Sunday!

At the Table, we believe water baptism is a holy sacrament. It’s a beautiful symbol of dying to the old and being raised in the way of Jesus, the way of love, with your church family by your side. On June 11, we celebrated seven baptisms and threw a post-service party for the individuals who decided to commit their lives to Christ.



Soup Kitchen

Beginning in April, we started a partnership with Loaves and Fishes, a Soup Kitchen in Northwest DC. On the second Saturday of every month, The Table operates a soup kitchen out of their facility. In quarter two alone, we've served over 300 hot meals to our neighbors in Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, and Mount Pleasant. 

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Family on Mission

We believe that church does not just exist on Sundays, but that we were made to serve and love those around us in our community. This quarter, our community groups raised over $800 for projects that would serve their neighbors. The church matched this which provided $1,600 in funding to throw a Spring Festival for the youth at Hopkins Housing Complex in Southeast DC, as well as pack over 100 care packages for our unhoused neighbors near our Downtown Parish. 


Leading in Community

We trained 15 new community group leaders this quarter who have launched groups all over our city (with more to come in the fall!). That's 15 opportunities for folks to connect with a leader at our church and receive guidance as they journey through faith. We also invited Josh McComas to join the leadership team at The Table and come on board as our Community Group Director.


Easter 2017

With nearly 340 people in attendance, our Easter Sunday celebration was our highest attended service on record. Complete with a potluck party after service, we enjoyed eating and laughing around tables and snapping photos in our Photo Booth, while the kiddos searched for over 200 Easter eggs hidden on the church grounds.

Volunteer Hours

The Table only exists because so many people willingly give of their time and talents. This quarter, volunteers gave over 1,200 hours serving on our ministry teams and exercising their gifts to make The Table possible.

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