- SERVE Day 2018 Photo Album -

Hey Church --

Wow. How amazing was SERVE Day on Saturday!? Our church had such a great time serving our neighbors and building some new relationships. We're so grateful to the dedicated team of leaders who pulled it off and all of you who showed up to serve!

As I was combing through all the photos documenting the day, I kept thinking about the early Jesus movement. The early Jesus movement spread like wildfire, because Jesus followers did something the world had rarely seen -- they cared for everyone like family. This past Saturday, our church continued that movement by serving others all across the city. We fed the elderly and those without a home, repaired bikes, held a field day for neighborhood youth, cooked a meal for our local fire department, assembled care kits and hosted so many other exciting projects. It was truly incredible to see the love of Christ on display. 

When we started The Table Church around our dining room table, our prayer was that our community would become a force for good in the neighborhoods where God had planted us. I used to say, if our church disappeared I’d want our neighborhood to notice. But, then I realized, that the call of Jesus is even more micro than that -- it’s if YOU disappear, your neighbors should notice.

The Jesus movement was never a one and done event, but instead it’s a continual call to serve others the way that Christ served us. Therefore, the leadership of The Table hopes that Saturday wasn’t a one-off event, but instead it is the beginning of a new habit in your life. A habit of investing in others and building relationships. It’s much easier to complain about what’s wrong with our world, but God has given us incredible opportunities to give back to our neighborhoods. Don’t let the movement stop!

Thanks again to everyone who made Saturday possible and who invested their time and energy. Celebrate with us by looking through some of the amazing photos above. If you have any you want to contribute, feel free to upload them here.

Pastor Kevin