TableKIDS Enrollment

We're grateful to have your family at The Table Church! We want you to be aware of all the ways we seek to protect and foster a healthy learning environment for your child. Before you bring your child to TableKIDS, we ask for some basic information pertaining to your child's allergies, legal guardianship, etc. We also ask that you acknowledge you've received a copy of our Child Protection Policy so you know what to expect from our ministry. 

Please complete the form below prior to your child joining us at TableKIDS. Paper copies of the enrollment forms are available here as well as on-site at our TableKIDS classroom in lieu of the form below. 

We are
Child's Information
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Child's Name
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Child's Date of Birth
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Parent / Guardian Information
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Additional Parent / Guardian Name
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Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Please list an emergency contact that is different from parents/guardians listed above. In an emergency situation, we will contact the two individuals listed above before contacting this emergency contact.
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Emergency Contact Phone
Electronic Consent
I have downloaded and reviewed The Table Church's Child Protection Policy *
Download the Child Protection Policy by clicking on the button above this form.
Publicity Release *
I grant permission for my child to be included in the documentation of the TableKIDS program, including photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, reproductions of work, and written quotations or descriptions of activities. I am aware that this documentation material may be edited as necessary. I also understand that the resulting material may be exhibited before the community, on online platforms (websites, social media), or before other groups or individuals in video, audio, print, or other media formats. If you DO NOT grant permission, please see your TableKIDS Coach to complete a paper copy of enrollment form.
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